Look on the Bright Side

Look on the Bright Side

Like everyone else, I’m dealing with this pandemic the best I can. We’re all in this together after all…ok, except for the people that refuse to wear masks and social distance, because it’s a hoax. Then there are the people who won’t wear masks because,
“Themz takin away minze freedom.”
Ok, so we’re not all in this together. If we were it wouldn’t be spreading as much. Forget what I said.

I’m trying to look for some of the positives.
For example, you don’t have to worry about your appearance. You’re not going anywhere, so who cares? I have a big sauce stain on my shirt from Sunday and I’m wearing it again today. Why waste laundry when nobody is going to see me? Ok, my wife keeps making comments about it but, I’ve learned to ignore her. There’s something I’ve gained from spending 24 hours a day together.
That’s just me. She told me it took her 15 minutes to decide what to wear to work yesterday.
She works across the hall from our bedroom. I’m not making this up.

You have an excuse for not helping friends move.
“I really don’t feel comfortable touching your stuff.”

We don’t have to go to weddings. Not only that but, how many couples had to postpone getting married only to find out you couldn’t stand each other anyway? See, positive.

You have an excuse for not going to church. This doesn’t apply to me, I don’t go anyway but, some of you feel obligated. I thought God was everywhere. Apparently, not on the weekends.

When this is all over, I’m switching religions. I’m going from Catholic to Evangelical. The Catholic Church is just boring ceremonies. Evangelicals are having orgies. Which one sounds like it’s more fun?

Lastly, even though I have nowhere to be, when I drive I’m going way over the speed limit. I haven’t seen many people getting pulled over. Even if they do pull me over, I’m ready for them. Even if they’re wearing a mask, I’m not putting one on.

“Sorry Officer, I was only out for a drive and didn’t bring one.”
Then I’ll start coughing and hacking and say,

“Is it really hot? I’m burning up. I think I may have a fever.”
If they still don’t get the hint,
“I need your license, registration and proof of insurance.”
“Sorry Officer, I really prefer you don’t touch my things. I don’t need your cooties in my car.”

See, find the positive in all of this…Oh, who the hell am I kidding? This is so aggravating.


Enough Already

Enough Already



  1. A silly, foolish, or eccentric person
  2. A bully or thug, especially one hired to terrorize or do away with the opposition.

Sound like anyone you know? For those of us not part of the cult, we have witnessed this on a daily basis for the last three and a half years. Normally, I don’t go political here, but enough already.

While all other countries have been able to drop the curve of this virus, we are seeing record numbers of new cases every day. What could possibly be the difference? C’mon, you know the answer,

“Donald Trump.”

Don’t say,

“We have more cases because there’s more testing.”

There’s more testing because more people are being exposed to it. There would be less cases if people would wear masks and take precaution if somebody didn’t tell them it was all a hoax. Who said that you ask? C’mon, you know the answer,

“Donald Trump.”

The current person in the White House…I just can’t bring myself to call him president, is supposed to work for the people he represents. This would be news to Trump. He works for one person and one person only, himself.

Trump shows on a daily basis how he feels about this pandemic. It’s an inconvenience that keeps him from doing his rallies. The ones in front of his base. Trailer Trash he would never want anywhere near Mara Largo.

He even seems to have moved beyond the pandemic and is now working hard to stir up racial division.

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Groundhog Day, Again and Again

As another day becomes another day becomes…you see where this is heading.

There is some good news, certain places in Pennsylvania will begin to reopen in the next few weeks. But, it’s hard to get optimistic. States that reopened too fast have seen spikes, there’s no cure or vaccine coming anytime soon and everyone continues to argue about how serious this virus really is.

I’ve fought with depression my whole life. I was finally winning the battle. Everything was positive in life and…BAAM!!!

There were sporting events and concerts I’ve attended when we were standing in line waiting for the doors to open. I would be the one to start the chant,

“Let’s goooo!!!”

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We’re All in This Together?

We’re All in This Together?


Anybody old enough to remember the mood of the country after we were attacked on 9-11, can tell you how different it was than what we’re experiencing now. We were all united, most of us anyway. People took pride in their country and were respectful of each other.

It wasn’t until Christmas of that year when a relative said,

“Can we get rid of the flags now? Enough already.” That’s when I knew it was over, but for a few months, we bonded together.

We’re being attacked again. Not by planes this time, but a deadly pandemic. The slogan we keep hearing is,

“We’re all in this together.”

Are we? Not even close.

Look at social media. Every day, people are calling each other idiots and other insults depending on what they believe.

Should we wear the masks?

Are the masks bad for us?

Did China invent this in a lab?

Should I drink bleach for prevention?

Does anybody care if the Pirates play this year?

There’s too much information out there and most of it is wrong. That doesn’t keep people from finding the information they want to believe and standing behind it.

One group believes Bill Gates developed the virus, so he can give us all a vaccine that will control our minds. If Bill Gates wanted to control our minds, couldn’t he just release a conspiracy theory that says he wants to control our minds?

The people who believe the Bill Gates conspiracy would have their minds blown right now…If they were capable of comprehension.

Do I really need to social distance?

Should I storm the state Capital with an assault weapon and confederate flag?

Is this all a hoax?

Should I shove an ultra-violet light up my ass?

No seriously, does anybody really care if the Pirates play this year?

There was a time when we would’ve listened to the doctors and scientists. Not anymore. Knowledge is our enemy. Especially when it doesn’t tell us what we want to hear. Believe me, nobody wants to get back to normal more than me. I miss being able to perform. It’s just not considered safe right now.

That won’t stop people from trying. This is going to get ugly before it’s over. Get your popcorn and watch. We’re headed for Thunderdome!

One of the things we keep hearing is there aren’t enough tests. That’s why I’m going to post an online Covid-19 test to help end this sooner.

What’s your name?

Do you feel sick?

If they answer no,

“You’ve tested negative for Covid-19. To identify you as a non-carrier, please enter your social security number and all bank information.”

I could do it…you know I could…but, I won’t…Ok, if you do it I get a fifty percent cut. It was my idea after all.

All in this together…yeah, my ultra-violet ass!