Enough Already

Enough Already



  1. A silly, foolish, or eccentric person
  2. A bully or thug, especially one hired to terrorize or do away with the opposition.

Sound like anyone you know? For those of us not part of the cult, we have witnessed this on a daily basis for the last three and a half years. Normally, I don’t go political here, but enough already.

While all other countries have been able to drop the curve of this virus, we are seeing record numbers of new cases every day. What could possibly be the difference? C’mon, you know the answer,

“Donald Trump.”

Don’t say,

“We have more cases because there’s more testing.”

There’s more testing because more people are being exposed to it. There would be less cases if people would wear masks and take precaution if somebody didn’t tell them it was all a hoax. Who said that you ask? C’mon, you know the answer,

“Donald Trump.”

The current person in the White House…I just can’t bring myself to call him president, is supposed to work for the people he represents. This would be news to Trump. He works for one person and one person only, himself.

Trump shows on a daily basis how he feels about this pandemic. It’s an inconvenience that keeps him from doing his rallies. The ones in front of his base. Trailer Trash he would never want anywhere near Mara Largo.

He even seems to have moved beyond the pandemic and is now working hard to stir up racial division.

This is usually the part where Trump walks away and declares bankruptcy. Sorry, no rich daddy bail outs from this.

We have over 130 thousand deaths and counting, businesses are closed, we are in the middle of the worst recession since the great depression…yet, the cult stands by him.

I had one person say,

“Yeah, but the economy and employment were great before the pandemic.”

That’s like being on the Titanic and saying,

“It was a nice cruise…up until the iceberg.”

This is where we are now.

There was a time we were getting daily briefings about the virus. Up until shortly after April 23 anyway.

That was the famous “Inject disinfectants,” speech.

From what I’ve read…and let me just say I believe it Donald Trump is nothing but an imbecile.

Anyway, his intelligence level makes it hard for him to comprehend all of what he hears in his daily briefings.

This is supposed to be the president, let me repeat this,

His intelligence level makes it hard for him to comprehend all of what he hears in his daily briefings.

In the briefings that day, were studies of the effects of disinfectants and ultra-violet light killing the virus on surfaces…surfaces being the key word here.

You’ve seen the video by now, where Trump is talking about injecting these things into the body.

Where you can see the looks of the doctors and scientists surrounding him. The way they had to bite their tongues because you can’t say to the president,

“Because they would die, you fucking moron!”

Of course for three days after that, people were making posts telling me I didn’t see him say what I saw him say…I know that doesn’t sound right but, read it again.

This is where we are right now.

I had one guy tell me that when Trump says something stupid like how the Revolutionary Army guarded the airports…again, I see no evidence to show me he doesn’t know that’s not true…Anyway, this guy told me when Trump says things like this, it’s a secret code for his followers and his true meaning will soon be revealed to all of us.

This is where we are now.

It is a cult. What else could you call it? The last two Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and John McCain are now considered pariah’s in their own party. Why? They went against “Dear Leader.”

The “Build the Wall” people can at least be satisfied now…You know the ones who were “Fear Mongered” into believing the Mexican Boogeyman was coming here to steal their jobs and rape their wives…First of all, if an illegal immigrant can cross the border with limited skills in the English Language…Yeah I know, much like Trump.

Anyway, if this person can come and take your job away, probably wasn’t the greatest gig. And as far as your wife…C’mon.

Anyway, Mexicans don’t want to come here anymore. In fact, we’re not allowed in their country. They don’t want our contagion.

This is where we are now.

You would hope there would be some way of de-programming these Magats…which isn’t the worst way to describe them if you say it right.

It may be too late or a waste of time for some. I have a group of intelligent Life Long Republican friends who left the party as soon as the Village Idiot became the candidate…and that is a better name than president for him.

In those stories where the Village Idiot became King, they always have a happy ending. Not in real life, I don’t see anything happy about what’s going on right now. If this is winning, let’s go back to losing.

Let me end by saying, if you feel you’ve made a mistake, we’ll take you back. Don’t go down with the ship, hell Trump wouldn’t. If he were captain of the Titanic he would’ve pushed woman and children out of the way and been the first one on a lifeboat.

Just try saying it, I bet you feel better.

“I made a mistake. I didn’t think he was as dumb as he appeared.”

Enough already.

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