This Stinks! (Part 2)

This Stinks (Part 2)


Last week I wrote about the Charmin toilet paper delivery robot that was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That’s where they showcase technology of the future they feel we will all need and want. I’ve gotten along without a toilet paper delivery system this far in my life…but OK.

It turns out the robot wasn’t the only toilet related item they rolled out…See what I did there?

Anyway, there’s apparently something called “Smell Sense” stink detector. This lets you know if it’s safe to enter the bathroom without gagging, vomiting or passing out. I don’t know what kind of traumatic experience led to this invention but,

“Out of necessity comes innovation.”

So, somebody walked into the bathroom after the wrong person and decided,

“Nobody will ever have to go through this again.”

So now a group of people with advanced knowledge in technology, people who could be coming up with a way to replace fossil fuels or explore distant galaxies…are coming up with a way to let you know if it stinks in the bathroom instead.

I really couldn’t find much information about how this thing works. I don‘t know if it’s something dangling from a long pole that you can stick into the restroom without getting anywhere close. Then it could send a signal back somewhere. Maybe it could notify the robot and the robot could warn you by shaking its head.

Most things these days are developed for our smart phones, so it could be an app. The “stink monitor” or “Stinkmo.” Then you would have more than one use for your selfie-stick.

I just had a terrible thought. What if the stink detector has to be placed in the bathroom permanently? It would then have a notification system to let you know if it’s safe to go in.

You wouldn’t want to be the person who walks out of the bathroom at a party with red lights, a buzzer and “Hazard Zone” flashing. No way to ever live that down.

With an embarrassment like that, you could never show your face in public again. You would be locked up all alone with your shame. Of course, on the bright side, you would have your “Poop Pal” robot to keep you company.