Yeah, but no Worms

Yeah, but no Worms!


As we continue on with the battle against science and knowledge…you would think that…the word think is the important part. The ability to be able to ponder or accept reason is no longer part of the way we deal with this pandemic. Actually, it never was from the start.

Here in the educated part of the country, we’ve accepted what science tells us. Hospitalizations are way down or none existent for those of us who have been vaccinated but, what do we know.

In Florida, the Governor is insistent on doing anything to prevent the virus because, well, that makes sense. Apparently, there’s one party in our government where sense has gone out the window.

When you trust an imbecile and they tell you not to believe anything except what they tell you…oh, and the person is a moron…you’re probably not getting the best information.

As bad as Florida is, Mississippi makes them look like Disney. Oh, wait they do have Disney. Then there’s Alabama.

If you check your chart, Mississippi and Alabama are at the bottom of the education chart in this country. Do you know what that means? It means there’s a lot of idiots!

Anyway, Dear Leader (AKA the Village Idiot) spoke at a rally in Alabama last weekend and tried to tell people vaccines were good…Too late. You’ve spent your whole life lying to people. How can they believe you the one time you tell them the truth?

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Seems Kind of High

Seems Kind of High


Launching next year, Disney World in Florida is introducing a new Stars Wars Adventure…I guess it’s actually just a hotel…for your…I adventure. You know, if the adventure you’re looking for is getting ripped off.

For a mere $4200.00 for two nights…calm down, that’s for 2 people…Of course, it costs more if you bring the kids. Meals are included, although not alcohol. I kind of think if I was spending a couple grand a night on a hotel room, I would need some alcohol. Can only add to the whole adventure experience. At least make it more daring.

The rooms look pretty standard, just made up a little bit to look like the inside of a space capsule. Kind of like the way you had your bedroom made up when you were nine.

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Oh, That’s What’s Wrong With You People.

Oh, That’s What’s Wrong With You People

(Part 2)


When last I left you we were discussing the anti-vaxxers. We could have just concluded where we were but, a new development caught my attention.

There’s an old joke,

“What’s every rednecks last words?”

“Watch this!”

It’s not a rare occurrence when someone dies in a self-imposed tragic death. Recently a woman was doing a video of herself dangling over a cliff in the hopes of getting views.

Let’s just say she didn’t get the joy she was hoping for out of her most viewed video ever.

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What’s Wrong With You People?

What’s Wrong With You People?


Can you feel it? We’re putting this pandemic behind us and getting back to normal. There’s no going back, except maybe there is. The only thing that can stop us would be a bunch of idiots refusing to get the vaccine. So, why panic?


These people refuse to believe science and base their decisions on the misinformation they’re getting from clowns on Fox News and moron conspiracy theorists on social media. Although both of those are interchangeable.

Either the vaccines are poisonous or they’re trying to insert some type of tracking device into our brains.

You know, because the Government needs to track Clevis while he drives his house down to the Walmart.

Then there are the ones that think the vaccines will make us magnetized. I’m going to go out on a limb here and give you my reasoning for why this may not be true.

First of all, in states where vaccination rates are high, Covid cases are low. People with the vaccines aren’t getting sick and dying.

Second, there’s no video of some asshole sticking to the refrigerator door!

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I Can Handle This

I Can Handle This


Usually, I do anything possible to escape crowds. Ever since I was a kid I never liked having large amounts of people around me. I’ll take sitting with a handful of people in a dive bar over a loud crowded night club anytime.

July 4th is Independence Day for the rest of you. For me it’s my anniversary. My wife suggested we get a room and spend the day downtown Pittsburgh and then watch the fireworks. Ordinarily, I would have been hesitant to subject myself to so many people.

This year was different. After what we’ve experienced the last 18 months, I wanted a sense of normalcy. Normal for me is being aggravated by people. I’ve missed that for the last year and a half. It was time to get back to it.

If we wanted to social distance, we could have gone to the Pirates game. From the parts of the stadium I could see from the window of our hotel, it looked like everybody could have their own section.

They’re back at full capacity and it was a holiday…and nobody went. That’s what happens when the owner shovels all of the profits into his own pockets rather than invest in the team.

This really has nothing to do with the article. I just enjoy taking shots at tightwad owner, Bob Ka-Ching Nutting.

We went out for lunch and then stopped in the hotel lounge for a beverage. The bartender informed us it was the first day they were open since before the pandemic. He also told us they were having trouble finding help.

An older waiter with an accent added,

“Nobody wants to work.”

Remember that for the next part of the story.

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