Oh, That’s What’s Wrong With You People.

Oh, That’s What’s Wrong With You People

(Part 2)


When last I left you we were discussing the anti-vaxxers. We could have just concluded where we were but, a new development caught my attention.

There’s an old joke,

“What’s every rednecks last words?”

“Watch this!”

It’s not a rare occurrence when someone dies in a self-imposed tragic death. Recently a woman was doing a video of herself dangling over a cliff in the hopes of getting views.

Let’s just say she didn’t get the joy she was hoping for out of her most viewed video ever.

Then there was the guy hammering a nail with the butt of his loaded pistol because…what could go wrong?

I think my favorite is the guy who thought it would be fun to strap a firework to his head and light it. You know because…how can it not be funny to attach an exploding projectile to your head?

There’s a grand finale that’ll be hard to top.

Now I’m hearing that people who are against getting the vaccine to keep them from getting Covid are getting Covid and dying from it.

These are the people who are part of the brain trust that will deny scientists and get their medical information from “The My Pillow Guy” and some inbred hick from Georgia that says Jewish space lasers are starting the wild fires.

I’m not talking about people who may have been afraid to get the shot and met unfortunate circumstances.

No, these are the idiots that knew better. The ones who went to protests to preach false information.

So here’s what we have. There’s a disease you can die from. There’s a shot that can keep you from dying. There are people protesting against the shot and telling us why we shouldn’t get it. Then these people are dying from the thing the shot can prevent.

Sorry but, this isn’t a bullshit “Thoughts and Prayers” moment. This is a laugh your ass off and say “What a bunch of idiots” moment.

For you people against the vaccine, this is known as irony…yeah, I know, google it…

“Yeah, I know, you still don’t get it.”

That’s the ironic part

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