What’s Wrong With You People?

What’s Wrong With You People?


Can you feel it? We’re putting this pandemic behind us and getting back to normal. There’s no going back, except maybe there is. The only thing that can stop us would be a bunch of idiots refusing to get the vaccine. So, why panic?


These people refuse to believe science and base their decisions on the misinformation they’re getting from clowns on Fox News and moron conspiracy theorists on social media. Although both of those are interchangeable.

Either the vaccines are poisonous or they’re trying to insert some type of tracking device into our brains.

You know, because the Government needs to track Clevis while he drives his house down to the Walmart.

Then there are the ones that think the vaccines will make us magnetized. I’m going to go out on a limb here and give you my reasoning for why this may not be true.

First of all, in states where vaccination rates are high, Covid cases are low. People with the vaccines aren’t getting sick and dying.

Second, there’s no video of some asshole sticking to the refrigerator door!

For whatever reason, it’s the Republican congress and news lying to their constituents. I don’t know why. I guess they’re trying to stick it to President Biden. (Pun Intended)

At CPAC last weekend there were cheers when it was announced that the goal of reaching 70 percent inoculation by July 4.

“We’ll show Himz…we’ll die.”

To make it easier for people to get the vaccine, the President introduced a plan to come door to door to offer it.

That let Republican members of congress to compare this to the Nazi’s. Then warn,

“After they come and force you to take their shots, they’ll come back to take your guns and bibles.”

Yes, they actually said that. What that is, if you don’t recognize it, is a way of using scare tactics to control the simple minded.

So, here’s where we are now. Doctors and nurses that come to your home to offer to save your life are Nazi’s. Meanwhile, the morons wearing swastikas that stormed the Capitol on January 6 are fine people. In fact that was a love fest according to “Old Whack Donald.”… I have to give Colbert credit for that moniker.

Who knows, in that family of dysfunction, this may be what they think love is. I mean you’ve got a sociopath for a father with the IQ of a gnat. The children are just as stupid or dumber…if that’s possible…than him.

The oldest son is a coke addict, at least one of the daughters has probably been sexually assaulted by “Tubba the Butt.” He said he wanted to on Howard Stearn. Then you have the youngest son who disappeared like the older brother on “Happy Days.”

For this group, chaos and violence may be a way of saying,

“Happy Thanksgiving.”

So, this is the country we are living in now. Divided between people that believe in science and…um…you know…those other ones…we can leave it at that.

Hey, in the end they’ll be able to rub it in our face for all eternity. They can put it right on their Tombstones.

“Biden didn’t stick me with that poison needle.”

“Themz Ain’t no Magnets in Minez Brainz”

Yeah, you showed us.

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