Yeah, but no Worms

Yeah, but no Worms!


As we continue on with the battle against science and knowledge…you would think that…the word think is the important part. The ability to be able to ponder or accept reason is no longer part of the way we deal with this pandemic. Actually, it never was from the start.

Here in the educated part of the country, we’ve accepted what science tells us. Hospitalizations are way down or none existent for those of us who have been vaccinated but, what do we know.

In Florida, the Governor is insistent on doing anything to prevent the virus because, well, that makes sense. Apparently, there’s one party in our government where sense has gone out the window.

When you trust an imbecile and they tell you not to believe anything except what they tell you…oh, and the person is a moron…you’re probably not getting the best information.

As bad as Florida is, Mississippi makes them look like Disney. Oh, wait they do have Disney. Then there’s Alabama.

If you check your chart, Mississippi and Alabama are at the bottom of the education chart in this country. Do you know what that means? It means there’s a lot of idiots!

Anyway, Dear Leader (AKA the Village Idiot) spoke at a rally in Alabama last weekend and tried to tell people vaccines were good…Too late. You’ve spent your whole life lying to people. How can they believe you the one time you tell them the truth?

He was booed. In Alabama…did you ever boo the clown at the circus? This was their hero. The great business man with the thriving casinos and successful airline.

They booed him. The man who gets applause for talking about how many times he flushes the toilet.

The man that got a standing ovation for drinking a glass of water like a big boy.

They booed him.

Why would he lie to them with his scientific facts? They already got this covered. Turns out you can prevent the virus with Horse pills.

Yeah, that’s right you elites…Horse pills.

Turns out they’re taking something called Ivermectin to prevent Covid. These are pills that kill worms in livestock and horses because…Why trust science when Jethro can give you the cure on social media.

I feel so silly. I’ve been visiting my mother in the hospital this week. Every day I have to answer the question of whether I have any symptoms, been in contact with anybody infected or waiting for a test to come back.

Here in Pennsylvania, they expect an answer of “No.”

In Alabama you can say,

“Yeah, but least I ain’t got no worms.”

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