What About Pirates Country?

What About Pirates Country?


So, Kennywood Park announces their big secret. They took out the log jammer last year, which stopped a lot of people from using the same old constipation jokes, year after year. Of course, isn’t that what Kennywood is about, reliving memories? When the snow is on the ground and your freezing cold, you have something to look forward to.

The new ride, “The Steel Curtain” looks impressive. A Steel coaster with more inversions than any other coaster in the world. It’s dedicated to the Steelers and not only that, it will be part of the new “Steelers Country” section of the park. What better combination is there if you’re a native of Pittsburgh? A great amusement park and first class Football organization that you grew up with.

I’m thinking, why stop there. Shouldn’t there be a part of the park dedicated to Bob Nutting’s Pirates? There has to be some room in an abandoned part of the parking lot or some old picnic grove grown over with weeds.

Then you do it the way Nutting does the Pirates. First of all, since it’s the Pirates, you can have people walking around that area dressed like actual Pirates…Wait a second, that costs money, scrap that idea.

If you want to be just like Nutting’s Pirates, you could go around and buy discarded rides from traveling carnivals…Broken down “Tilt A Whirls,” broken “Ferris Wheels,” any old pieces of garbage that are being thrown away.

Just look on old scrap heaps, the way the Pirates do for pitching. What could go wrong? How could people not love this? You can get old rusted out games that don’t work anymore, so you never have to hand out a prize.

Then one year, you can build the greatest ride on earth. Maybe an unbelievable roller coaster that everybody wants to ride.

The next season, you can trade that roller coaster for an old “Duck Pond” with cheap prizes and a half eaten corn dog. It will be just like following the Pirates.

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