Can’t Unsee it

Can’t Unsee It


Disney calls itself the most magical place on earth. I don’t know if that’s true, but it has to be something for children who haven’t grown cynical from their years on earth. It will happen to them eventually. I think I got there around the age of six, although I might be more advanced than most.

Imagine what it’s like to a child to go into a place where all of these fairy-tale characters come to life. I never got to a Disney Park until I was in my teens. I was already ruined by then and the only thing that thrilled me was that Goofy was wearing the same Converse shoes as me. I should tell you, Goofy was the one who pointed it out, which made it all the more special.

Now as an adult, I’m confronted by a different type of magical character. The people who shop at Walmart leap to mind.

Where do these people come from? I had rarely ventured into a Walmart until they built one in my neighborhood, and even now it’s on a limited basis. The one’s I had been to in the past were always on the road, in another state, out of necessity.

Why, when you go into a Walmart anywhere in the country, the people are the same? The thing is, you don’t see them anywhere else but here. I can go anywhere else in my neighborhood and see normal looking people. Yet, when I go to Walmart, it’s like a new breed.

Is there some Sub-Culture living underground that can only surface in Walmart’s? I keep looking for the secret tunnel, but they have it well hidden. I’ve seen them suddenly appear and disappear, but I don’t know where they go or come from.

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