Too Soon!

Too Soon!


Stopped into the local Market District on Monday and was confronted by a huge Frankenstein sign, pitching Halloween Candy. In case you don’t remember, Monday was August 13. There were still 18 days left in August, another 30 in September and then 30 more in October before Halloween.

The sign said that it was time to stock up on Halloween Candy because it’s right around the corner. When did almost three months become right around the corner? Why are they pressuring me to buy candy that I normally get the day before Halloween?

I think they know, if I buy the candy now, it’s not going to make it to Halloween. One of these hot summer nights…yes, it’s still summer…Anyway, one of these nights I’m going to have a craving for a mini-Snickers or small bag of M&M’s, maybe a Twix…Definitely not a Three Musketeers. I give that crap to the kids.

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