Kennywood Ketchup Kontroversy

Kennywood Ketchup Kontroversy


If you’re from Pittsburgh, there are certain traditions we all share. A good number of us have attended the Arts Festival, only to be caught in a major thunderstorm. We’ve all been stuck in tunnel traffic because idiots slow down to 35mph when they drive through tunnels and it’s taken us 45 minutes to go a mile through construction, only to see a Penn Dot worker smoking a cigarette and picking their ass.

The main things are if you live in this city, you’ve been to Kennywood and are a Steelers fan. Being a Steelers fan is part of the heritage. You can’t root for any other team if you are born and raised here. I guess you could, if you want to be a jagoff (Another part of our culture, the word jagoff.)

Yeah, you can be a fan for another team, but it’s dangerous. If you grow up here and root for Brady and the Patriots, we’ll chase you out of town with rocks and cans of Boston Baked Beans.

So anyway, Kennywood and the Steelers. This year they are coming together in a glorious union. The park is opening a new roller coaster, “The Steel Curtain,” which will be part of “Steelers Country.”

I don’t know what other rides will be part of “Steelers Country.” From my understanding, they had a ride called the “Leveon Bell.” Unfortunately, the ride never showed up, so they sent it to New York.

Yeah…yeah…yeah I know. Shut up!

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