My Head is Horny

My Head is Horny


They bump into me as they walk down the street or through a store. They wander out into traffic without looking up. You see them driving without watching the road. You have to hope nothing will happen to them…Well, maybe you do, but not me. If you’re going to spend your time staring down at your phone instead of experiencing life, you get what you deserve.

That’s probably why I was delighted to hear how young people are now developing horns on the back of their heads from staring down constantly at their devices. I don’t have anything against young people. In fact, I wouldn’t mind the same thing happening to older morons.

It’s just that as of now, only young people are growing horns. I guess those of us who are older will not be part of the next step in human evolution.

Yes, Evolution…this article isn’t open for religious debate. Without Evolution, I have nothing to write about.

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