The Rocket’s Head Glare

The Rocket’s Head Glare


I remember the first time I got a pack of firecrackers as a kid. Before I opened them I read the instructions.

“Place on ground, light fuse, run away.”

Yes, light fuse and run away. It didn’t say “Walk Away Leisurely,” Or “Stand Over and Stare.” It also didn’t say, “Throw at your friends,” although that’s what we ended up doing. Not at anybody’s face or eyes…we weren’t monsters. We’d usually aim for the crotch.

If you’ve ever had a firecracker blow up on near or on you, they sting but you’re not going to lose anything important.

The heavier artillery like M-80’s and Fireworks can cause serious damage and you have to be careful with them. I bring this up as the Fourth of July approaches and we will be hearing about various fireworks related injuries.

Most of these incidents can be avoided, but that would involve following directions. You can find a long list of safety tips online. I’ll just go over the first few.

  1. Children should not handle Fireworks…That’s a no-brainer.
  2. Do not use alcohol with Fireworks…Yeah, right.
  3. Follow the Laws, use common sense…How can I use common sense if I’m drunk?

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