Just My Luck


Just My Luck


Things have been going really good for me lately…I mean, really good. That’s what has me concerned. Usually…I mean almost always…OK, I mean always, when things are going well, something bad happens.

Yeah I know,

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”

It’s just that there’s no,

“The Lord taketh away and then he giveth back.”

You would think these things would even out but, I have to tell you, I’m way behind in the taketh away’s.

That’s what has me so worried. Everything has been going so well, I must be in for a disaster. I was trying to figure out what could go wrong and then I saw it.

Apparently, there’s a piece of a Chinese Rocket flying around space that’s about to fall down upon the earth. This part of the rocket was supposed to drop off into the ocean after launch. That didn’t happen and now it’s hurtling around the atmosphere at over 17,000 miles an hour and getting close to earth.

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