No Fund Anymore

No Fund Anymore


Hey it’s your birthday…happy birthday to you…now, just stop begging me for money.

Ok, Maybe that sounds a little harsh…but it has to end.

Here’s the deal. For years on Facebook…have I been on Facebook for years? Wow, what the hell happened to me? Anyway, for years I would get a notification telling me one of my friends was having a birthday. Then I could click on, send them some meaningless post and we would be good for a year.

Now everything has changed. Whenever I see it’s someone’s birthday, I click on them and find out they are asking for birthday donations.

No, they’re not asking me to send them money, although I would if they needed it. No, now it’s a big scam to get me to donate to the cause they’ve chosen for their birthday.

First of all, let me say I’m not anti-charity or against giving to a worthy cause. It’s just too much. Every day it’s somebody else trying to help out an organization just because it happens to be the day they climbed out of a womb.

You’re friend Tom Fink is using his birthday to collect funds for “Fat Cats.” An organization trying to raise money to buy nutria-system for overweight kittens.

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