No Fund Anymore

No Fund Anymore


Hey it’s your birthday…happy birthday to you…now, just stop begging me for money.

Ok, Maybe that sounds a little harsh…but it has to end.

Here’s the deal. For years on Facebook…have I been on Facebook for years? Wow, what the hell happened to me? Anyway, for years I would get a notification telling me one of my friends was having a birthday. Then I could click on, send them some meaningless post and we would be good for a year.

Now everything has changed. Whenever I see it’s someone’s birthday, I click on them and find out they are asking for birthday donations.

No, they’re not asking me to send them money, although I would if they needed it. No, now it’s a big scam to get me to donate to the cause they’ve chosen for their birthday.

First of all, let me say I’m not anti-charity or against giving to a worthy cause. It’s just too much. Every day it’s somebody else trying to help out an organization just because it happens to be the day they climbed out of a womb.

You’re friend Tom Fink is using his birthday to collect funds for “Fat Cats.” An organization trying to raise money to buy nutria-system for overweight kittens.

If it was an occasional thing, I would probably try to help out. But sometimes it’s three or four of them a day. You can’t pick one without neglecting the other.

There are two ways you can go about it. Some have a post where you can only donate to the cause without leaving a message. The others are the sneaky ones. I can, post a birthday wish and choose not to donate. Yeah, like they aren’t seeing that.

So now, I can’t tell you happy birthday because you’re laying a guilt trip on me. If I don’t give five dollars to “Hay for Horses,” I’m nothing but a sleaze.

It’s easy to do with my friends I’ve never met. Yes, that is a strange statement, but it’s the world we live in today.

Friends you’ve never met, or will ever meet. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing.

When I was a kid, you made friends by walking up to another kid and saying,

“You wanna be my friend.”

Sometimes it worked out. Other times you regretted asking. There were kids you couldn’t stand within half an hour. You knew you had made a terrible mistake, but what could you do? At that point you had to either reach back and slug him…or the compassionate way, pawn him off on another loser kid.

Of course there were the special ones that you became lifelong friends with. Shame you can’t wish them happy birthday anymore.

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