You Can’t Argue with Crazy

You Can’t Argue With Crazy


Every time I look on social media these days, I get angry and depressed. Everyone is fighting and unfriending each other and these are real longtime friends and that’s sad. I’ve unfriended a few, usually people that I don’t even know who the hell they are.

If I don’t agree with your stupid opinion…and I don’t know who the hell you are…why should we be friends?

Of course all of the fighting is over the upcoming election. On one side you have the people saying that Joe Biden is mentally incompetent to do the job as president.

This is while defending a man who tried to read the word Yosemite and called it Yos-A-Mite. He also called Thailand, thigh land and said the Spanish flu ended WW 2 in 1917, twenty two years before it even started, and this was just from last week.

Just today former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon was arrested for fraud. He’s accused of taking money from stupid people to build a wall to keep away the Mexican Boogeyman. Then he took the money and used it on himself.

Bannon was the sixth former member of Trump’s staff to be arrested but,

Yeah, nothing to see here.

Oh, also today, a Federal Judge rejected Trump’s latest effort to block the Manhattan D.A. from obtaining his Tax records in a fraud case. That’s twice the word fraud has come up about Trump and that’s just today, August 20.

Trump immediately filed an appeal because, when you’re innocent there’s nothing to hide.

Yeah, nothing to see here.

The thing is, over the last three and a half years, we have become numb to this kind of corruption on a daily basis coming from the White House. Just another day in Trump World. Hey, Trump World was the name of one of the Casino’s he bankrupted. You know how hard it is to make money with one of those things where the house wins.

You would think his supporters might start to question the validity of his presidency. You would think they would at least look up the word “Validity” to see what it means.

So, why do they stay with him?

I’m glad you asked.

Apparently, besides the conspiracy of the Democrats inventing the virus to get rid of Trump, they have an even better plot. It’s called QAnon.

It turns out, there’s a group of satanic, cannibalistic sex traffickers that Trump is here to save us from. We are in full blown Tin Foil hat times. I mean how can you explain to these people that by wearing a mask and social distancing, we can eradicate this virus?

How can you explain to these people what eradicate means?

Now I don’t know how many of the Trump supporters are this bat shit crazy but, c’mon.

A normal president would probably denounce such nonsense, but Trump is embracing it. Who knows, in his simple mind he may actually think he is fighting these evil people…that don’t exist.

This is where we are now.

Yeah, nothing to see here.

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