Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?


Ok, it’s October now. You may not have noticed by the temperatures near 90, but according to my phone, we’re officially there. How did people know what day it was before we had smart phones? I hear tales of people hanging calendars on the wall and paying attention to the date that way. It seems primitive, but that’s all our ancient ancestors had.

So, now that is officially the month of Halloween, we can now indulge ourselves with all of the pumpkin spice treats that have been available since around May.

Just because corporations rush everything, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to follow the trend. A lot of you are probably already tired of pumpkin spice and ready to move on to the next holiday.

What do they do for the next holiday? There aren’t turkey flavored chips are there? I’ve never seen turkey ice cream or turkey beer…that doesn’t mean it hasn’t crossed somebody’s mind. If it hasn’t and you’re getting an idea from reading this…stop it, just stop it right now.

I usually don’t like fruit in beer. You wouldn’t have to put a lime in Corona if it was any good to begin with.

I have to admit, I do like some Pumpkin beers. That’s if they’re not too sweet or I drink them on a chilly night. Sorry, pumpkin beer and 90 degrees don’t mix…Yeah, I don’t know why they get released in July.

Anyway, pumpkin ice cream, donuts, cookies, muffins and cheese cake are good. I can eat those year round. It doesn’t have to be a fall thing.

Of course, they don’t stop there. The thought being,

“If pumpkin spice is good in one thing, it must make everything better.

Not necessarily.

Pumpkin soup? Actually, not too bad.

Pumpkin ravioli and fettucine? Nah…

Pumpkin Pringles or tortilla chips. Are you out of your mind?

Then they went beyond disgusting. “Pumpkin Spice” flavored Spam.

That’s just wrong on so many levels. What would make you even dream up such a thing? Wasn’t a can of meat good enough for you already?

I mean, you’re looking forward to that can of meat all day. Why take the chance of ruining it?

Maybe I’m not the meat in a can connoisseur that some of you are, but this sounds gross.

Well, I guess I can’t be sure without trying it. So, dinner tonight will be,

“Pumpkin soup with Pumpkin spice tortilla chips. Followed by the main course of Pumpkin Spice Noodles with Pumpkin sauce and Pumpkin Spice Spam…My wife is ordering a pizza. Remember, I’m doing this for you. I will be back with my review when I finish.



Let me just say it was um…it was…kind of…hold on a minute.


OK, I’m back. Sorry about the delay. Turns out I just came up with another fall treat. Pumpkin Spice vomit. I have to say, the Spam looked the same coming out as it did going in. Although, it does slide the same both ways.

Luckily I got rid of it. That would have stayed in me forever. I’d have been belching up Pumpkin meat until March.

I think I’m going to rinse my mouth and lay down for a while.

Oh…I just realized my wife bought Pumpkin Spice mouthwash…It’s going to be a long night.


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