Where’s Rob Rogers?

Where’s Rob Rogers?

It really started to sink in around March, when the Post-Gazette changed the entire comic’s section. I had been noticing some changes, like moving columnists from page two to the back page, which I found odd. But, the comic’s section was a total makeover and not for the better.

There’s really been nothing in that section worth reading on a daily basis since “Calvin and Hobbes” stopped. Still, there were things like “Tundra” that were funny on a consistent basis. That was one that was removed and replaced with a lot of…Um, let’s say crap.

Some of the comics in the Post-Gazette now are beyond horrendous. I can understand If they’re written by a first-grader. If they’re written by an adult, it’s a damn shame. At first I thought the paper’s decision to change the comics was monetary, but events of the past week have changed my mind.

Longtime “Post-Gazette” political cartoonist Rob Rogers had not been published for over a week. Instead he was replaced by syndicated…Um, let’s say crap.

There were six cartoons killed in a row by Keith Burris. He took over as the newspaper’s editorial director in March. Hey, isn’t that when the comics stopped being funny?

As it turns out, Burris and Post-Gazette publisher, John Robinson Block are big Trump supporters. Some of Rob Rogers’s cartoons are anti-Trump and are usually left-leaning. They have been for twenty-five years and were never censored for political views. Not six in a row anyway.

Maybe Burris can explain why he chose not to run one of Roger’s cartoons that was directed at Rosanne. You know, Rosanne…racist tweet…canceled…blames it on Ambien…

The Rogers cartoon they chose not to run was a Klansman in a doctor’s office saying,

“Could it be the Ambien?”

That was instead replaced with a cartoon of Rosanne with the twitter bird symbol flying all around her head. The caption was,

“Home to Roost.”

I’ll wait while you wipe the tears from your eyes after laughing so hard.

What really aggravates me is the people that want to give Trump a pass. Presidents have always been mocked and ridiculed. It’s part of the job. But, Trump supporters don’t want to hear it. What’s really disturbing is how angry they get.

If I post something anti-Trump on social media, I get threats, insulting rebuttals and occasionally unfriended.

I’ve had bookers tell me they get phone calls and e-mails asking if any of the comedians on the show are going to say anything negative about Trump. If so, people say they won’t come.

This guy? He invites ridicule. Let’s see what’s happened so far this week. Take into account, as I write this it’s only Tuesday.

He started the week by tweeting that he could “pardon himself.” Then he reminded us that he won’t have to because he’s innocent, but if he wanted to he could.

Next, he found out the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles would not be showing up for their scheduled White House visit. So, he uninvited them. Does this sound like the actions of a child?

“You’re not invited to my party.”

“”Too late, you already invited me. I said I wasn’t coming.”

“You’re not coming because you weren’t invited.”

“Was too. If I wasn’t invited why do I have this invitation?”

“I don’t see anything…(Covers his ears)…la…la…la…la…”

Trump decided instead to have a military band play the national anthem and other patriotic songs just for him. Picture the poor little fat boy eating the whole birthday cake by himself.

“I don’t need any friends. This is the best birthday party ever.”

Anyway, Rob Rogers was back in the paper today. Hopefully the backlash has helped change the minds of those running the Post-Gazette.

Like I said, it’s only Tuesday. There’s more to come from the White House this week that will make for good political humor. I just don’t need to see a picture of Trump with twitter birds around his head and captioned with “Home to Roost.” Sorry, wipe those tears away, they may not be from laughing.

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