What Are You Trying To Say?

What Are You Trying To Say?


So the local newspaper, the Post-Gazette, is going digital. Anyway, that’s what I think I’ve deciphered from their current ad campaign. If you’ve seen it, you’re probably as confused as I am. Elderly people complaining that the newspaper is going digital, one old lady talking about her cookies…the same old lady telling the PG to go screw themselves…

At first, it wasn’t obvious what they were trying to say. Actually, it really still isn’t now. There’s another one with an old guy reading the newspaper on the bus, next to a kid with headphones, staring at his phone. The old guy goes on about how he gets his business news each day from the newspaper and can’t get up to the minute quotes on his phone.

So apparently, this is the only old guy lost in time that doesn’t realize the current trend. As the commercial ended, I looked to see it was an endorsement of the Post-Gazette. This is where I became confused.

The Post-Gazette has always been available in print form. The perfect morning constitutional companion. So, what were they trying to say? Kids with cell phones and head phones are annoying? That’s what I got out of it. Old people are clueless? Ok, I’m not old yet, but closer to than walking around in my own world bumping into people.

Finally, the latest one came out, where an older lady mistakes a squirrel for a bird. That’s when I finally realized they were saying, old people have dementia and should stop reading our paper.

Hey Post-Gazette, great ad campaign. Don’t you realize the market paying attention to newspapers are the older generation? Not even them as much. Most people get the news from wherever they want to read it. Whatever version they like.

Is this the new improved Post-Gazette? The one that mocks the elderly to appeal to people that aren’t paying attention? Wasn’t destroying the comics section enough for you. I mean, seriously, Brevity? Is that written by a five year old? If not, and if you’re paying more than a dollar a week for that unfunny garbage, you’re getting ripped off. Unless that’s who came up with the new ad campaign. Then they owe you money.

That’s it for now. Excuse me while I try to fish my phone out of the toilet.

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