Text Neck?

Text Neck?


I was watching the news the other day when they had a story about a new ailment sweeping the nation. It’s something called “Text Neck.” I’m not making that up, you can check. So now, we have another hazard brought on by the overuse of cell phones.

We already have “Driving While Intexticated.” Not making that up either. You can get pulled over for texting while driving. People that believe they can text and drive is why I go through two or three mailboxes a year.

“How could you not see the mailbox?”

“I was looking at my phone.”

This is why they are developing self-driving cars. We have way more important things to do when we’re driving than look at the stupid road.

First of all, when someone is texting they’re saying,

“I have something to tell you or ask you, but I don’t really want to hear your voice.”

It’s insulting when you think about it.

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