I Can’t Tell You

I Can’t Tell You


I had a great story I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately, I’ve been informed if I say anything, bad things could happen to me. It’s nothing but censorship and I’m ashamed of myself for not having the courage to go ahead and write the truth anyway.

Now I’m forced to talk about how aggravating the weather is, even though the groundhog promised us an early spring.

What I really wanted to tell you was how I was planning to sleep a few more hours on Monday morning when a voice woke me.

“John, I have a big problem.”

Now I’m not saying the voice came from anybody that lives inside this house, so just erase those thoughts from your mind. For all you know, people may wander in off the street with their problems on a regular basis.

“I put Super Glue in my eye again.”

The key word in that sentence is again. This means it’s not the first time she mistook the glue for eye drops…Wait, did I say she? What I meant to say is, this wasn’t the first time “Person A” glued their eye.

You would think putting glue in your eye this first time would teach you a valuable lesson. You know, not to leave the glue near your eye drops. Also, glue isn’t the only mistaken item she…I mean “Person A” has put in their eyes. I think it was “White Out” the other time, which…this person says is impossible because of the brush. Which means the brush has saved her…I mean “Person A” from whiting out their eye on more than just the one occasion.

So instead of those few hours of sleep, I spent the morning at the eye doctor.

“Tell the doctor you felt like you needed a little more shut-eye.”

See…I think that’s really funny. Same with the toast I gave when we got home.

“Well, here’s glue in your eye.”

Not that we were at my home. We could have been at some casual person off the street’s home. I often take strange people to the doctor when they put glue in the wrong opening. Anyway, I found humor in the situation and that’s why I wanted to tell you.

Unfortunately, I’ve been threatened not to tell this story. I wish I could, but I have to protect myself.

So…can you believe how cold it is for March?