Worst Ever

Worst Ever


Admit it, the Super Bowl sucked. I couldn’t have been more bored if I was watching “The Bachelor” marathon. First of all it was New England again, for I believe the twentieth straight year. The Rams looked like they didn’t belong there…probably because they didn’t belong there.

The commercials were boring, the half-time show was a joke…it was awful. No Danny DeVito as an M&M challenging people to eat him. No Lady Gaga flying in from the top of the stadium…Nothing but the Rams punting.

Even in blow out games, at least one team was at least scoring or there was a decent half-time show with costume malfunctions.

My friend Mark Petrucelli suggested bringing back “Up With People” for the half-time show. Would you have noticed the difference?

If you’re unaware of “Up With People,” they’re a bunch of clean cut kids singing crappy upbeat songs with a positive message. How could that have been worse than Maroon 5?

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