Baby It’s Insane Outside


Baby its Insane Outside


It started last week, when a Cleveland radio station said they would no longer play the Christmas Classic, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” The song was first released in 1949 and nobody has had a problem with it until now. Apparently, it contains predatory undertones and is leading to date rape.

Sorry, I never got that message from the song. If you live in a cave and have never heard it, it’s done as a duet between a man and a woman at his place during a snowstorm. From the lyrics I’ve listened to, she has shown up unannounced to his place during a major snow storm.

Yes, he’s feeding her drinks, but she keeps asking for them. At one point she does ask,

“What’s in the drink?”

Now, unless Bill Cosby wrote the lyrics, I’m guessing she’s asking about the type of alcohol.

At one point in the song, she asks if she can borrow a coat…So, a coatless woman shows up at his place during a major snow storm and he’s not supposed to think anything of it. There’s no mention of, I came by to bring over your mail, a Christmas gift or some cookies…well, the kind you eat anyway.

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