How Will He Get By?

How Will He Get By?


It started with a simple thought…”People are lazy.”

Yes we are lazy but, how can you use that to take advantage of us and make money? That’s where Jeff Bezos came up with Amazon. People are so lazy they hate going to the store, anything you need can come right to your door.

Oh, I know, you still have to grab the package off the porch and carry it into the house. Until there’s a better system, this is the best we have.

Mr. Bezos was already wealthy, then Covid came along. Going to the store became not only a chore but, possibly hazardous to our health. Why not just have it delivered?

Although he was already wealthy to begin with, Mr. Bezos made enough money in the past year to have given all of his employees a bonus of as much as $150,000 dollars apiece and still had just as much money as he had before.

Of course he didn’t share the wealth with those people putting their lives on the line during the pandemic. He kept it all to himself. I now realize Jeff that you were just being frugal and not a “Greedy Pig” like some people are saying.

You see Jeff Bezos decided to walk away from his job this week. He’s only 57 years old. He’s got almost ten years until he can collect Social Security. Until then, he has to make do on 196 billion.

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