I Not Robot

A Great Idea


They say necessity leads to invention and that’s exactly what happened here. It started with the fact I’m tired of having to prove I’m not a robot. You know what I mean, how certain sites make you prove your human before allowing you in.

The easiest way to prove I’m human would be to hold my face in front of a screen long enough to prove I’m human. Well, I’m pretty sure they would believe I’m human. Ok, maybe not when I first wake up but, after my first cup of coffee anyway. Plus, what are the chances I’m being held at gunpoint by a robot because it wants tickets to Cher?

Of course that would be the easy way and nothing is ever easy. No, instead I have to decipher some code of letters and numbers that I can never figure out.

“Is that a b, a 6 or an h?”

Then, when I get it wrong they send me an even more difficult puzzle. When I find myself searching through my keyboards for an upside down seven, I just say “screw it” and give up on the whole thing.

It’s not always letters and numbers. Sometimes there are six photos and they ask you to identify all the pictures that include water. There will be a few easy ones…a stream, a lake, the ocean…then they’ll through in a confusing one.

“I can’t see that tree closely enough. It may have just rained and the leaves are damp. Plus, don’t trees hold water anyway?”

By the time I finally locate Waldo, the concert is sold out.

Not only is this time consuming, but very frustrating. I was thinking,

“What if there was a machine that could do this for me.”

You’re kicking yourself right now, aren’t you? You’re saying,

“It’s so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it myself.”

So, what I’m looking for is a partner. Somebody with a degree in computer engineering. I’m thinking those best suited would be recent graduates looking for a side gig to help pay down their student loans.

Next, I’m going to need money. A bank loan is one way to go but investors would be better. Get in touch with me to find out where to send the money.

You know you want in on this…

“A robot that can prove it’s not a robot.”

Now, why didn’t you think of it?