Strange New Year (Conclusion)

Strange New Year (Part Two)


We had just been thrown out of the party and the snow was coming down heavier than before. We were in a residential neighborhood, on foot and it was ten to midnight. We would be bringing in the New Year outside, covered in snow.

It was too early for us to go home, so we needed a destination. Somebody suggested “Rudy’s,” an old man bar about a mile and a half away. The walk was downhill so we all agreed. We hadn’t gotten very far when we heard the shattering glass. G had dropped what was left of his half gallon of rum.

“Aw…bummer man.”

It was twelve thirty when we finally got out of the snow and into the warm dinge of Rudy’s. There were a few old guys staring at television and an older lady in a dress that greeted us with,

“Who needs a lei?”

Then she put lei’s around each of our necks. Yeah, none of us found it that amusing either.

When your nineteen, you have a tendency to just go with the flow and not think about how it will affect you later. Going to Rudy’s had taken some of us even farther from home. For me, it was about the same. It just wouldn’t be all downhill.

The guys from Island Heights on the other hand, we’re looking at around seven steep, uphill miles.

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