Which Way Do I Go?

Which Way Do I Go?


Just got home from a show in Elmira, New York. Out of planes, trains and automobiles, going by car was the fastest and most convenient. So, as I set out on my journey, I looked at my GPS app for the fastest way at the time.

There were three different options, each adding a supposed ten minutes to the trip. I never go by the original estimated time. That’s only a challenge to defeat. You have to look at the best way to avoid weather, trucks, tolls, police, construction and idiots. If you drive as much as I do, you know where any of these give you the most concern. Especially idiots.

If John’s original estimated time is five hours and he plans to go at least ten miles over the speed limit the whole way, when will John arrive?

I would’ve done much better in school with these types of personal word problems.

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