Is This Really A Convenience? (Flying Pittsburgh to Latrobe)

Is This Really A Convenience?

(Flying Pittsburgh to Latrobe)


A story came on the local news the other night about a new airline coming into Pittsburgh and adding three daily nonstop flights from Pittsburgh to Latrobe. Really? There’s that big of a demand to fly from Pittsburgh to Latrobe?

Hey, I’m not knocking Latrobe here. All I’m saying is it seems like there are easier ways to get there. You know, like driving. I live near the airport so I did a Google Map search and it said it was 48 miles from here to Latrobe. Do you really need to fly that distance? What are you trying to load up your frequent flyer miles?

Its 48 miles each way! You’d have to take about 300 round trips before you had enough miles to use for a reward ticket. I also like the fact they mentioned the flights would be non-stop. Where the hell are you going to stop?

“Hello, this is your Captain. We will be on our way to Latrobe in just a few minutes here. Along the way, I have to stop off and pick up my dry cleaning. After that we will head straight to Latrobe.”

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