Maybe Science Would Help

Maybe Science Would Help


In case you aren’t aware of it, there was a tragic accident over the weekend involving a man who was willing to go where nobody had been before. Actually, people have been there many times before. This guy just didn’t believe them.

What happened was a guy, “Mad Mike” Hughes, who believes the earth is flat, built a rocket. He planned to take the rocket into space to prove his theory. So, a guy who denies thousands of years of science decided to build a rocket…what could go wrong?

Well, you already know the answer. I think it was predetermined this wasn’t the best idea. Did I mention the guy who built the rocket thinks the world is flat? I guess he doesn’t think that anymore. He doesn’t think anything anymore.

Before I get bombarded with people calling me a bad person for mocking the dead…did I mention, the guy who built the rocket thought the world was flat?

So, these people don’t believe in pictures of the earth from space. You know, those fake ones that show a spherical planet.

You would think if the earth was flat, either a ship or a car would have gone over the edge by now. Wouldn’t the edge of the earth be a hot vacation spot? Think of the view. Somebody would have built a casino there by now,

“The Edge of the Earth Resort and Casino. Our slots pay out like it’s the End of the World!”

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