Maybe Science Would Help

Maybe Science Would Help


In case you aren’t aware of it, there was a tragic accident over the weekend involving a man who was willing to go where nobody had been before. Actually, people have been there many times before. This guy just didn’t believe them.

What happened was a guy, “Mad Mike” Hughes, who believes the earth is flat, built a rocket. He planned to take the rocket into space to prove his theory. So, a guy who denies thousands of years of science decided to build a rocket…what could go wrong?

Well, you already know the answer. I think it was predetermined this wasn’t the best idea. Did I mention the guy who built the rocket thinks the world is flat? I guess he doesn’t think that anymore. He doesn’t think anything anymore.

Before I get bombarded with people calling me a bad person for mocking the dead…did I mention, the guy who built the rocket thought the world was flat?

So, these people don’t believe in pictures of the earth from space. You know, those fake ones that show a spherical planet.

You would think if the earth was flat, either a ship or a car would have gone over the edge by now. Wouldn’t the edge of the earth be a hot vacation spot? Think of the view. Somebody would have built a casino there by now,

“The Edge of the Earth Resort and Casino. Our slots pay out like it’s the End of the World!”

Everybody has heard the term,

“You’re no Rocket Scientist.”

Turns out the phrase really hits home here. “Mad Mike” was a daredevil know for jumping over limousines in a limousine. I don’t know…I guess there’s a market for that kind of thing. I think it would be more entertaining to watch him bungee jump off the edge of the earth…they would probably have one of those at the Resort and Casino.

A guy who doesn’t believe in science, building something that is usually constructed by top scientists. And you’re thinking this wasn’t a good idea.

The rocket did get off the ground…briefly. It never got anywhere near high enough to see if the earth was flat. It would have been nice if it did make it into space. Then his last words could have been,

“Son of a Bitch, It is round.”

I don’t know what his last words were as he plummeted back towards earth. I have to imagine it was something like,


Did I mention, the guy who built the rocket thought the world was flat?

The worst part of the tragedy is we still don’t know if the world is flat or round…Anybody want to book a room? It comes with one free bungee jump over the edge

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