Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Why Can’t We Be Friends?


Whenever I see it, I just stop reading. The first few times I got sucked in, but I’ve learned since then. I have enough guilt in my life without social media. Hell, I have guilt about spending too much or too little time with social media. That’s why I don’t need another guilt trip whenever I click on an App.

You know the posts. They start off with…

“Let’s see who my true friends are…”

See! Laying the guilt on right from the start. It’s not that I’m not your friend. It’s that you ask for too much.

If you need money for something, I’ll give you what I can. If you need a place to stay…I’ll probably call around and try to pawn you off on somebody else. If I can’t do that, yeah, I guess you can stay here.

After the initial guilt, comes part two.

“If you have known anybody who suffered with (Pick your disease), you know how devastating it can be.

Hey, I’m not making light of terrible diseases…I’ll even help out with the cause, just not the way they ask.

It’s never good enough to just share their post and spread the word. Their true friends can do better than that.

“Don’t just share. If you’re a true friend you will copy this post and take it to a local tattoo artist. Then you will have them tattoo it on your ass. Then take a photo and post it online. I will know you are a true friend when I can come here and read your ass.”

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