My New Look

My New Look


I’m really getting tired of my own face. You would too if you had to look at it every day. Just ask my wife. It’s just that I’ve been looking at this same face my whole life. As if that isn’t bad enough, now it’s starting to show the wear and tear of being my face all these years.

Sometimes you need something new to shake things up. A change of pace…or scenery in this case. When you look out the window, it’s never the same. Some days it’s sunny, lately mostly raining, now the leaves are starting to change. Nature shakes things up for us. But, when I look in the mirror, it’s always the same face looking back at me.

My first thought was to grow a beard. The thing is, everyone has beards now, it’s too trendy. I never do anything popular. I’m always afraid I will be out of the loop when it falls out of fashion and then you just look like an ass.

I could get something pierced, but what? You don’t want to look like the old guy trying to be hip. I know I run into older guys with pierced ears, but is that enough? If you do an ear, maybe a nose, maybe an ear and a nose…maybe another ear…a lip…Next thing you know, you look like the guy in the picture.

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