Least of My Worries

Least of My Worries


First of all, I’m not trying to be morbid here. It’s just that so far, nobody has lived forever, so you have to accept the fact you will die someday.

Now, the question is,

“How do I want be sent off?”

The traditional funeral home and ceremony seems silly to me. I hate wearing a suit and tie to begin with. I’ve spent my life trying my best to avoid going places where I was required to dress that way. Now you’re going to dress me up like that for eternity?

Why do I need to get dressed up for where I’m going? Seems like I should be able to wear something comfortable.

I better not end up like that anyway. I’ve told my wife for years I want to be cremated. Mainly because I’m afraid my brain will be functioning as I lay there in the funeral home. That would be torture…unable to move and thinking,

“This sucks…why can’t I get up? Shut-up you idiot, I don’t look good!”

I also have a plan for the way I want my ashes to be handled.

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