You’re Missing Out

You’re Missing Out


Now that our latest made up Holidays have passed, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and let’s not forget Cyber Tuesday in case you weren’t annoyed enough on Monday. It was a constant barrage of e-mails from anybody I ever buy from online…and I only buy from three places and two of those sell cigars.

It was “Once in a Lifetime Savings” followed by “You’ll Never See another Deal like This.” Wouldn’t they both be pretty much the same thing? Unless I was reincarnated and even in that lifetime I wouldn’t see another deal like that. At that point I would probably regret not acting.

Black Friday really doesn’t exist anymore since the stores are now open on Thanksgiving Day. Now at a time when people are supposed to be half consciously watching a football game they care nothing about. That time when you feel your dinner slowly work its way through the body on the way to its final destination. Instead of enjoying this moment, people are now out shopping.

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