500 Years of Comedy

500 Years of Comedy


Last week I was booked to do a show in Munster, Indiana at the Performing Arts Center there. One of my best, if not the best friend I have, Nick Gaza books and runs the shows there. We met and became friends when we were living in Los Angeles. Actually, I lived in Burbank and he lived in Glendale, but it was in the L.A. area.

Since we don’t see each other very often, maybe once a year, I went in a few days early to hang out. Munster is in the Chicago area, so when I get back that way I usually get together with a few comedian friends.

This time, my old friend Bill Gorgo decided to invite a group of us to his home for a Wednesday afternoon barbeque. One of the advantages of being a comedian is that your Wednesday afternoons are usually free.

I’ve known Bill since the 80’s and he’s always been a very humble and gracious person. He’s one of the most intelligent and clever people that I know and always has a smile on his face. Here’s the kind of guy he is. Despite being in extreme pain from a back problem, he went ahead with the plans, did all of the cooking and prep work and was a great host…He also made more than we could handle and ended up eating leftover brats and polish sausage for a week.

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