Nothing to See Here (Part ????)

Nothing to See Here (Part ????)


The Super Bowl is Sunday, so let’s talk about the Pirates. I guess I should mention, at least we don’t have to watch New England yet again. I’m actually looking forward to watching for a change.

Speaking of things I’m not looking forward to watching, the disaster that will be the 2020 Pirates. During the offseason, they replaced the manager, GM and president. Unfortunately, it’s still the same owner, Bob (Ka-Ching) Nutting.

The new GM sounds just like the old GM.

“We have to spend our money carefully…Let’s see what we have here…yeah…yeah…yeah…”

We’ve heard it all before. At this point, the Pirates have the team Nutting has always dreamed of. The lowest payroll in all of baseball. As of today, the Pirates payroll for this year is 48 million. Every team in the division is at least 100 million above that. So, do you thing they have a chance?

Starling Marte, the starting center fielder was traded this week for two 19 year old PROSPECTS. Doesn’t that give you optimism? Five years from now, it these guys don’t get hurt or suck, they can be called up to replace anybody who was any good and has to be traded because,

“Nutting Don’t Pay!”

Both Nutting and the new GM keep saying the same thing,

“We want to take a look and evaluate what we have.”

Maybe I can help with that. You have no catcher, no pitching, no center fielder and your right fielder is questionable. I can tell you what you have,

“A Big Bag of Crap!”

After twenty dreadful losing seasons, we finally had a glimmer of hope for three years beginning in 2013. So, what happened? Anybody decent on those teams was traded away because,

“Nutting Don’t Pay.”

Attendance has dropped significantly since then. The fans were sending a message. How did Bob (Ka-Ching) Nutting respond?

He cut payroll down to the bone so he can continue to line his pockets.

Hey, if you think it’s worth spending $300 dollars to take your family to watch fireworks, I’m not going to stop you. But, wouldn’t you like to see an actual major league baseball team instead?

I can’t imaging many people going to the games this year. Which means Nutting will cut payroll again next year because,

“Nutting Don’t Pay.”

It’ll be interesting to see if they can win a single game with a twenty million dollar payroll. They’ll keep feeding us the line they are stocking up on prospects, but they don’t even trade for decent players. Those guys will cost money eventually.

“Hey, we have a really good player that we don’t want to pay. Do you have any…OK guys you want to give us for him?

The thing that aggravates me is the jackass won’t sell the team. There’s no hope. We’ve seen this movie before. Anybody decent won’t be staying here very long because,

“Nutting Don’t Pay.”

How about those Penguins?

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