Make It Stop!

Make It Stop!



It just won’t stop.


That is probably the 200th time today.


There it is again…It just won’t stop.

No, not the rain…I’m not going to complain about the rain. You’re probably sick of hearing people moan about it already, so I won’t go there…OK, so I already did.

No, what’s happening is we had an outage with our Verizon service last night. Cable and WIFI were out and so was our land line phone.

Yes, we still have a land line…No, it’s not a rotary. Stop being a smart ass.

I don’t know why we still have the landline. The only people who call us are my mother, her father and…


Oh, and Verizon…who have just called for the two hundred and first time today.

They started early this morning. They’re calling to tell us we have a service outage. The thing is, we no longer have a service outage and if we did….THEY WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO CALL ON THE LAND LINE!!!

At this point it’s beyond annoying. I’ve answered a few times. It gives you three choices.

“Press 1 if you want to continue to receive these updates.”

I don’t want to do that.

“Press 2 of you no longer wish to receive these messages.”

Apparently, two doesn’t work.


If there were only a “Press 3 if we’re annoying the hell out of you.”

My wife actually took the time to stay on hold for over an hour with customer service. She didn’t sit there with the phone to her ear the whole time. She put it on speaker phone and played Candy Crush or Cookie Jam on her cell phone.

Why do we have a land line? You can’t play games on it.

When she finally got a person they said the problem would be taken care of. She no sooner hung up the phone and…


Turns out, they can’t fix the problem from India.


That’s it! No more land line.

Of course now, my mother won’t be able to call and complain about all the rain. Maybe I should have done this a long time ago.

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