I’m So Bored I Would Watch the Pirates

I’m So Bored I’d Watch the Pirates


The Stanley Cup and NBA finals should be finishing up. Baseball should be into its second month. The Pirates should be mathematically eliminated for the post season. We should be talking about what players the team could get in Bob Nutting’s annual midseason salary dump. This year, we have nothing.

My wife and I re-watched Super Bowl Forty-Three last night on the NFL network. The Steelers won again, but it was close.

There’s a pandemic, protests, looting, Murder Hornets, an asteroid headed towards earth and nothing to take our minds off any of it.

We’ve had seasons stopped and canceled because of strikes and contract disputes before. Fortunately, there was always another sport to focus on. This time, we have nothing.

People are betting on table-tennis…you know, Ping Pong…just for some action. That’s how bored we are. We need sports.

I know, I’m a frequent critic of the Pirates and this year would have been no exception. With no pitching, no catcher and a payroll lower than some beer league softball teams, there wasn’t much hope.

But, I would watch. If they were on right now, I would be paying attention. After they removed the starting pitcher, down 17 to nothing with one out in the first, I would watch.

When it was 24 to 1 in the third inning I would watch. I would watch to see what players may be good for another team some day when Nutting decides he won’t pay them.

It would be a distraction, an alternative…it would be sports. As bad as the Pirates were going to be this year, it would give us something else to pay attention to.

There’s talk the NBA could be playing at Disney World by the end of July. Hockey may come back in August…this will kill time until Football starts in September.

None of this may happen of course, but there’s at least hope.

Not for baseball though. The owners and players can’t agree on money. It’s the same old story. Everywhere except Pittsburgh where only the owner makes money.

Even if they play, it will be in front of empty stadiums. That will be weird for Yankees and Dodger fans. In Pittsburgh, it will be like any game not being followed by fireworks.

This is from about fifteen minutes before a game in late May, last year.

We can’t even have fireworks this year. This sucks…guess, I’ll go watch the riots.

That asteroid can’t get here soon enough.

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