Can’t Even Spell Bee

Can’t Even Spell Bee


It was a week of words. Words that got people into trouble and words that needed to be spelled correctly. It all started when Rosanne Barr put out a racist tweet which she blamed on Ambien. Social media was quick to point out that one of the side effects of Ambien was not racism.

“May cause headaches, dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness and being able to see many fine people amongst the Neo-Nazi’s.”

ABC didn’t hesitate to cancel the “Rosanne” show which led people to say it was an infringement of her first amendment right. Had she been arrested for what she tweeted, that would be taking away her right to free speech. What happened was, ABC has the right to disagree with her free speech if they find it racist and offensive, which they did.

Speaking of offensive, did you hear what Samantha Bee called the President’s daughter? She called her the “C” word…and a feckless one at that. A lot of people had probably never heard of Samantha Bee before this happened and were unaware that she had a show.

As of this writing she hasn’t been fired or canceled by her network TBS, but it could still happen. The difference is that what Rosanne tweeted was obviously racist and offensive whereas this one is pretty much a judgement call.

While we’re on the subject of Bee’s, let’s talk about this kid that won the National Spelling Bee…Do you see what I did there?…Oh, shut up, I thought it was clever.

The winning word was Koinonia, which if somebody put that in front of you in a game of scrabble, you would call them a cheater and say they are making up words. When I type in Koinonia on Microsoft Word, it is underlined in red telling me it’s misspelled. That means Word doesn’t even know Koinonia is a word.

The winner was 14 year old Karthik Nemmani. I guess you have to be a good speller with a name like that. I have trouble with John Knight.

He beat 12 year old Naysa Modi…really tough guy, you beat a twelve year old girl?…Calm down, just kidding. But, it was on ESPN after all.

Her word she misspelled was Bewusstseinslage. Are you kidding me? How many times do you think you had that in Scrabble but could only come up with “Be” and “Stein?” Maybe you tried “Wussie” but your wife said,

“That’s not a real word!”

You have to give these kids credit. I would be lost without spell check, in fact when I just typed “spell check,” spell check corrected my spelling of “spell check.” I think I said that right.

Earlier today, some guy and I were wasting our time trying to change each other’s political opinions on social media. At one point he called me a Morom. I had to ask him if he meant moron or Mormon. He said,

“I meant morom, you morom!”

I had to type the word three times before auto-correct allowed it to go through without correcting it to moron. How was he able to get it through like that and how could a morom like that call me a morom?

That’s our fun with words for this week. I’m off to kick my wife’s ass in Scrabble. Wait until I show her my “Bewusstseinslage.”


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