Why Should I Care?

Why Should I Care?


We are now two weeks into the NFL season and depression and anger are taking over the population of Pittsburgh. So far, the only game the Steelers didn’t lose, they also didn’t win. That was against a team that has won only one game in the last two years.

The Steelers defense was a big question coming into the season and now the question has been answered.

“They don’t have any defense.”

Let’s look at some of what has transpired so far. The star running back is partying at strip clubs and riding Jet Ski’s in Miami instead of playing. By doing this, he is bypassing $855,000 a week. That’s right, $855,000 a week. How many of you out there are making that much per week? What about per year?

Apparently he is sitting out to prove a point. What point is this, that he’s an idiot? He’s trying to avoid injury so he can make the big money. You know, because it’s tough to get by on only $855,000 a week. Admit it, you’ll love it if he injures himself on a Jet Ski…or a stripper.

For $855,000, the biggest guy in the league can take a 100 yard head start and plow into me as hard as he can. When I regain consciousness I would just ask,

“Where’s my check?”

If you watched the game this past Sunday, you saw the star receiver throw a tantrum on the sideline. He wasn’t troubled because the team was losing. No, it was because he wasn’t getting enough balls thrown his way. He needs to pad his stats because that’s what is really important. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you’re the guy everyone wants in their fantasy league.

It looks like it’s going to be a long season. A “Pee-Wee League” team could probably light up this defense for 35 points. If you were paying attention, you heard my name called as often during the game as linebacker Bud Dupree. The difference being, I wasn’t anywhere near Heinz Field.

I probably shouldn’t be saying this. Dupree already went after one fan that questioned his ability on twitter. Oh, what am I worried about? If he comes after me, I’ll just take a step forward and let him run by me.

Just tell yourself it’s early yet. No need to panic. Of course if they lose in Tampa next week, which is a very real possibility, then you can panic.

You know, they will eventually go on a winning streak and suck us back in. That’s the way this show is written. Then somebody will get arrested in the South Side or suspended or tweet something stupid. That’s the drama being added into the script.

Are you one of those people that gets upset when the Steelers lose? If so, why? It’s only entertainment after all. Just watch and enjoy it for the circus that it is…that is, unless you’re afraid of clowns.

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