Why Should I Care?

Why Should I Care?


We are now two weeks into the NFL season and depression and anger are taking over the population of Pittsburgh. So far, the only game the Steelers didn’t lose, they also didn’t win. That was against a team that has won only one game in the last two years.

The Steelers defense was a big question coming into the season and now the question has been answered.

“They don’t have any defense.”

Let’s look at some of what has transpired so far. The star running back is partying at strip clubs and riding Jet Ski’s in Miami instead of playing. By doing this, he is bypassing $855,000 a week. That’s right, $855,000 a week. How many of you out there are making that much per week? What about per year?

Apparently he is sitting out to prove a point. What point is this, that he’s an idiot? He’s trying to avoid injury so he can make the big money. You know, because it’s tough to get by on only $855,000 a week. Admit it, you’ll love it if he injures himself on a Jet Ski…or a stripper.

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