Why Not Take a Shot?

Why Not Take a Shot?


With all that we’ve gone through the past year and more, there finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. When you see it, why not walk toward the light? By getting everyone vaccinated, we can have herd immunity and get back to normal.

It seems simple enough, that’s why I got my shots. Let’s get this over with and behind us so we can have life the way it was before. Why would you not do that? I’m tired of smelling my own breath in my mask. Not that it’s horrible…well, if I eat garlic it can be unpleasant…or if I didn’t brush my teeth…I’m just sick of having to do it.

Well, as it turns out, even though I’m vaccinated I will still have to wear a mask. That’s because the people who refused to wear a mask to begin with are now refusing to get the vaccine. My question is, why I should care about them when they didn’t give a damn about me?

You know, the alternate reality people. Where conspiracies are truth and truth are conspiracies. To them, the whole pandemic was a hoax and the vaccine is a way for Bill Gates to control their minds. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but, so do the rest of their beliefs.

I was feeling really good about having my shots and then I started thinking about,

“What if they’re right?”

Could the scientist be lying to us and the truth is coming from an ex-crackhead hawking cheap, crappy pillows?

What would happen if Bill Gates were really trying to control our minds? What could he do to us?

He could come into our towns and tens of thousands would show up to hear the wise words he was going to tell us. We wouldn’t know why but, he would control our thoughts.

Worse yet, he could get us to show up dressed like a bunch of clowns. Can you imagine a mass of people wearing shirts and hats with the name “Gates” on them? We would probably also be waving “Gates” flags.

That would be so degrading to worship one person so much that our personal appearance didn’t matter to us anymore.

He could also manipulate us by spewing a bunch of garbage out of his mouth that makes no sense. Can you imagine him going on and on about the fact he’s such a disgusting pig that it takes ten flushes to get whatever is coming out of him to finally go down the toilet?

Then we would applaud and cheer wildly like it was the greatest thing we’ve ever heard. If he controls our minds, he can make us look like a bunch of idiots.

I’m going to keep telling myself that nobody can control a group to make them obey their every command. If somebody could do that, they could get us to attack and try to overturn anything they don’t like. Hopefully, none of us will ever be that foolish.

Anyway, I’m going by the fact that anyone I know that got the shots doesn’t seem to be mind controlled…or is that what he wants me to think?

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