Who Needs Ghosts?

Who Needs Ghosts?


It’s been two years since I last did my annual ghost hunt prior to Halloween. Last year my schedule was too hectic to squeeze it in. Oh, the good old days when I was busy.

This year it’s the whole pandemic thing. I didn’t know what the rules are about going into haunted places. How many are allowed inside? Does that include the ghosts? Will the ghosts agree to social distancing? Are they anti-mask? There was just too much involved.

The last one was Larimer Mansion and we were getting constant activity. I captured video of a shadow figure. I didn’t see it as I was filming. My camera went blurry and when I reviewed the video, it was there.

A week before we went, a local radio station had gone to this location. One of the DJ’s, I’m not telling you who…Ok, I’ll give you a hint…Name of a chewing gum,


Anyway, they told us he went into the basement and started provoking.

“C’mon if you’re here, show me…do something to me!”

Then he let out a shriek like a little girl.

When he lifted his shirt it revealed a big scratch on his back. You can’t say he wasn’t asking for it. I feel you should treat ghosts like you would any other dead person…or treat them the way you would want dead people to treat you…something like that.

Even with Covid cases on the rise, they’re still having Trick or Treat. Somehow, it’s supposed to be contactless. At first I thought about getting a bucket of candy and a six foot shovel and pass it out like I was shoveling coal into a furnace. That seemed like a lot of work on my part.

That’s when I decided on the “Candy Bazooka.” I’ll just load it up and shoot it down the driveway. One or two kids might lose an eye but hey, we’re all making sacrifices during this pandemic.

What can you dress as this year? Everyone is already wearing masks. Do you just use that as a costume? Do you get another mask? Does the mask go under the mask or over the mask? What did I just say?

After Trick or Treat, I can get the fire pit going in the yard. We can sit around the fire and have some Pumpkin beer…Oh wait, we can’t do that, it’s been sold out since August. We’ll have to settle on some Christmas Ale. Hell, we can probably listen to Christmas music. I’m sure there’s at least one station playing it already.

Hey, Saturday we get the extra hour of sleep. Sunday, we can get up early, even though it’s late. Then we can watch football all day and have some normalcy. This will be the weekend to do all we can to take our minds off this frightening election looming over us.

Yeah, I know. Who needs ghosts?

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