Who Needs Ghosts?

Who Needs Ghosts?


It’s been two years since I last did my annual ghost hunt prior to Halloween. Last year my schedule was too hectic to squeeze it in. Oh, the good old days when I was busy.

This year it’s the whole pandemic thing. I didn’t know what the rules are about going into haunted places. How many are allowed inside? Does that include the ghosts? Will the ghosts agree to social distancing? Are they anti-mask? There was just too much involved.

The last one was Larimer Mansion and we were getting constant activity. I captured video of a shadow figure. I didn’t see it as I was filming. My camera went blurry and when I reviewed the video, it was there.

A week before we went, a local radio station had gone to this location. One of the DJ’s, I’m not telling you who…Ok, I’ll give you a hint…Name of a chewing gum,


Anyway, they told us he went into the basement and started provoking.

“C’mon if you’re here, show me…do something to me!”

Then he let out a shriek like a little girl.

When he lifted his shirt it revealed a big scratch on his back. You can’t say he wasn’t asking for it. I feel you should treat ghosts like you would any other dead person…or treat them the way you would want dead people to treat you…something like that.

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