What’s Wrong With People?


What’s Wrong With People?


First it started with saying “Happy Holidays” made you a heathen who had declared war on Christmas. I have a sign in my yard that lights up and says “Happy Holidays.” I guess that makes me a bad person…or maybe they were sold out of the ones that say “Merry Christmas” and I didn’t feel like going to another store.

Last year it was the song, “Baby its Cold Outside,” written in 1944, was suddenly about a sexual predator.

This year may be the worst of all. A commercial came out where a guy gives his wife a $2200.00 Peloton bike for Christmas and suddenly he becomes the biggest creep on earth.

People protested the company, stocks went down, lives were threatened…I don’t know if lives were actually threatened but you have to admit, there are a lot of idiots among us.

The man is being portrayed as basically telling his wife,

“Get on that bike and keep yourself fit or next Christmas I’ll be married to the hot woman from my office.”

I saw the commercial and didn’t interpret that part of it.

From what I saw, the woman gets the bike, sets a goal, films herself working out every day and is happy about it one year later. Not only that, but she looks exactly the same. She hasn’t aged a bit. Even has the same haircut. If I didn’t know better, I would think they filmed all of this within few days. But no, it’s the magic of the bike that keeps you from aging.

Nobody finds fault with the guy who buys two trucks and his wife sticks him with the red one. Why no controversy here. Why aren’t people saying,

“Why shouldn’t the woman get the blue truck? Why are woman supposed to like red better?”

Yeah, that doesn’t make sense, but none of this does.

First of all, he gives her an expensive piece of exercise equipment and she sticks to it. How many of you have bought a spouse a gym membership for Christmas because of their New Year’s resolution. Then the second week in January you have to cancel the membership because the gym ends up being too close to a bar with wing nights twice a week.

The guy could have given his wife some cheap Wal-Mart piece of equipment that looks like a medieval torcher devise.

The guy in that commercial would have said,

“Now get your fat ass on that bike or next year I’ll be married to my hot cousin.”

The guy in the Peloton commercial doesn’t say anything…he’s still wrong.

Baby it’s Cold Outside…I can’t say that because it’s wrong.

I would wish you Happy Holidays, but that’s wrong.

It’s all wrong and you better be careful, because very little is right anymore in this uptight society.

Can I still wish you “Feliz Navidad” without offending anybody…Yeah, right.

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