We’re Getting There

We’re Getting There


Looking back, it’s all a blur. Every day the same as the day before. Lockdowns, masks, social distancing…Ok, that part I liked. Keeping morons six feet away from me was the best thing. Of course, the true idiots never listen to the rules.

Last summer I was so anxious to go someplace and experience a sense of normalcy, I actually said,

“I would even go to a Pirates game if I could.”

Probably should have checked my temperature for fever that day. How desperate must I have been to be willing to put myself through that torture? Can you imagine paying money to watch a team that gets trounced every night? Sitting through 20-1 and 14-2 thumping’s doesn’t sound like a good time.

Anyway, I’ve had shows the last three weeks and am hosting my graduation class show on Friday. I’ve been on planes, stayed in hotels, shaken hands and gone out to dinner with my wife without having to wear a mask.

This is the most normal we’ve been since all of this started. They say if we reach 70 percent immunity, everything can be like it was.

That’s where the problem is. There’s a large section of the population who refuse to go along with the rest of us. They don’t trust us “Elites” as the orange guy used to call us.

You know educated people with common sense. The kind who laugh at conspiracy theories rather than embrace them and base our lives on them.

Funny, I don’t feel elite. I just feel like I’m not an imbecile. People get flu shots. We’ve been vaccinated for other diseases. When was the last time you were afraid of getting “small pox?”

As a country, we have really gone over the deep end the last few years. There have always been science deniers. They just never replaced scientific evidence with the insane logic they now use.

“I’m getting vaccinated so I can get back to life the way it was before the pandemic.”

“Themz ain’t puttin no microchip in minez brainz.”

Maybe we shouldn’t concern ourselves with these people. The rest of us can go back to normal and we can build special sections for them.

Round them up and shove them into some dank corner away from the rest of us. The way they used to have smoking sections in restaurants.

Yeah, I know, these are the kinds of people that like to protest because they should be allowed to do whatever they want.

Easily solvable. You give their section a name that will make them run to it.

“Non-Elites Only.”

Masks required, just not brainz.

Welcome to normal…well, maybe not.

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