Beware the Monkey People

Beware the Monkey People


I read where scientists in the United States and China got together to develop an embryo that is part human, part monkey. The reason for this is to use the monkey people for transplant organs to give people having trouble finding a donor. If you’ve ever seen a “Planet of the Apes” movie, you know this won’t end well.

Now, I’m not a scientist but, I like to think I know almost everything…you can ask my wife about that…I just don’t see this working.

How do you get anyone to go along with this, even if they are just monkey people? I know the simple minded consistently vote against their own best interest but, this is at another level. It’s one thing to convince people they don’t need higher wages and health benefits. Also that billionaires shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

Those things are easy to fool people into believing. How do you convince the monkey people that once they reach a certain age, we get to cut them open and remove their insides?

You know how this works. The smartest of the monkey people will become the leader and organize the rest. Once they are together, they will find a way to escape and attack their captors. Once they’re free, they’ll expect to have rights and be more than just spare parts.

There will be groups of people siding with the monkey people. I can see myself backing them up…You know, unless I need a kidney or something.

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