It’s Not a Big Deal

No Big Deal


We have a chance to break the record for snowiest winter ever…So, we have that going for us. I can’t remember a more miserable winter and with everything else we’re dealing with, it’s like piling on.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, and I only know that because I actually have my shows this weekend, it made me think back to last Valentine’s Day.

It’s really not a big deal for me. I’ve worked most Valentine’s Days because it’s a day when people go out. It’s a day when bars and restaurants are able to gouge you with special menus. Basically the same food as every other day but it costs twice as much on the heart shaped menu.

Hey, if people are willing to pay, why not charge more? Restaurants aren’t the only ones. This weekend you’ll pay four times as much for a dozen roses as you do the rest of the year.

“Here, I just spent a hundred bucks on something you’ll be throwing in the trash in three days. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

This is definitely not a day geared towards men. It goes against all of our principles. We have to spend money, we have to try to be romantic…OK, maybe there’s only two principles. That’s why women tell us we’re shallow.

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