There’s No Spitting in Baseball!


In these strange days we are living through, a major holiday is upon us. The 4th of July, when we celebrate our independence and freedom…I don’t know how much you are feeling either of other cities do have major league teams.

With baseball shut down, the Pirates are currently at 500, 0-0. It would be their first non-losing season for a few years…and there haven’t been many in the last 25.

The Pirates opening day payroll this year was less than a large family take out order at McDonalds during the pandemic…thanks to tight fisted owner Bob (Ka-Ching) Nutting. Any money that could go toward the team is much better served in his pockets.

Anyway, even though baseball won’t be played on the holiday this year, they are trying to come back. Teams are headed for spring training…in their home parks and promise to be back in a few weeks.

You’re guess is as good as mine if this will actually happen, but we have hope.

There will be rule changes because of the virus. The most interesting is…

“There will be no spitting in Baseball.”

“Spitting…you’re spitting…There’s no spitting in Baseball.”

Yes, I borrowed that from “A League of Their Own.” It’s just ridiculous. Spitting and baseball go together like…well, baseball and the 4th of July.

So, you can’t spit…no tobacco, no sunflower seeds…OK, what happens if you hack up a loogie? I guess you have to call a timeout and run out to the parking lot. Yeah, like the games not long enough.

When I was a kid we watched our favorite players and learned all of the idiosyncrasies. Spitting was on the top of the list.

Before we knew how to hold a bat the right way, we learned how to spit like a major leaguer.

After that, you learned how to fix and adjust things…which we really didn’t have much of as kids, but we fixed them anyway.

I always liked mine even. I don’t know if some guys feel like they get a better pull if one hangs lower, but it’s nothing we ever discuss. Everyone has their own way of hitting.

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